Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ahh, Polyvore. You time-sucking playground of fun.

Created by me, on Polyvore, a couple of days ago.  It's my ideal library... at least one of them.  (I could have an entire house that's just library upon library:  a kitchen library room, a bedroom library room, an entertainment library room, and on and on.)

I joined Polyvore in 2009.  Like most others who frequent that site, I got caught up in the excitement of creating collages out of the millions of various images "clipped" by my fellow users.  For several months, I picked and plucked, arranged and flipped images, entranced by the process.  I'd done the same thing as a child, only with construction paper as my canvas and pictures cut out from fashion magazines as my tools; I still have those collages.  Yet on Polyvore, not only did I have access to so many more images, I was able to do so much more with them:  I could shrink or enlarge them, flip them from side to side or flop them from top to bottom.  Frankly, I went a little crazy.

Eventually, as with all my crazes, it died down.  I have a tendency to get involved with something and be completely passionate about it for several months (nine months seems to be the limit--rather telling, eh?) and then completely lose interest.  Some crazes are cyclical, with me dropping the activity and then after a break of a year, maybe more, maybe less, picking it back up again.  Apparently, that seems to be the case with Polyvore.  In the past couple of months, I've gotten emails notifying me of people who are now 'following' me, which is rather weird.  I've been absent from the site for two years, yet all of a sudden people are 'following' me?  How are they finding me?  So, naturally, it piqued my interest.  Then something about doing this blog and knowing I could not only post my reviews, but whatever the hell I wanted sparked a new sense of creativity.  So, I thought, why not play again?  And the image above is the result.


  1. Nice title. :D Wish I'd remembered Polyvore when I haven't known what to do with myself. Probably good I haven't gotten re-obsessed with it. Your library looks so comfortable; I've always wanted a more traditional, English-style one, with a fireplace, and also a more relaxing, casual library as well. But of course I'd have books in just about every room. Or I could just move into a renovated library somewhere. That works too. ;P Anyway, glad I could help with a blog name, although I believe to the fullest you would have come up with it eventually. :) BTW, why'd you choose blogspot?

    1. Thanks. What works better than the truth? ;D Problem is, I do know what to do with myself and have a great many other things to do than play on Polyvore; thankfully, I don't seem to have reached the 'obsessed' level yet. Thank you, although I completely forgot about a fireplace--dang! Ever since I made that post, I've been daydreaming about a house that's just room upon room of books, with the occasional appliance thrown in for survival. Then again, the idea of a renovated library sounds wonderful, too. ;P Maybe, although I'm very glad you helped me out as well, because who knows how long it might've taken me to think of a name? Although... ooh, maybe I should've gone with The Dragon Wench's Treasure Trove! LOL Well, I already had a gmail account and it just seemed easier to tie everything together. Though it does seem to lack some features, like a "Currently reading" gadget which you have. I'm not committed, yet, so we'll see what happens in the future.